EDTA oral chelation is one of the most effective non operative treatments ever discovered for heart disease and heavy

metal removal from the body.

EDTA CHELATION THERAPY by intravenous or ORAL EDTA will cleanse the entire cardiovascular system by gradually dissolving

atherosclerosis plaque and other mineral deposits through out the entire bodies circulation system.

EDTA is so effective in removing unwanted metal elements and other minerals from the blood, it is the standard FDA - approved treatment for

lead, arsenic, aluminum, mercury and cadmium poisoning since the early 1950's.

ORAL EDTA CALCIUM-DISODIUM will not remove essential calcium? but will remove the unwanted calcification that promote atherosclerosis.

This calcification is a conglomeration of calcium and heavy metals and is not soluble or metabolized due in part to its heavy metal content.

As calcium disodium Edta encounters these calcifications, it chelates the heavy metal portion of these deposits, allowing for the

release of the calcium for use by the body in normal metabolic functions.

Many studies have conclusively shown that as we get older we are continuously accumulating toxic metals into our bodies, these toxins

increase the risk for many debilitating diseases from cancer to heart disease.


Calcium - Disodium EDTA will exchange its calcium for a metal of higher on the affinity scale leaving the calcium available to the body.

Highest is = Lead+++, Mercury++, Copper++, Aluminium++, Nickel++, Cobalt++, Iron++, Zinc, Cadmium++, Manganese++,

Magnesium++ and Calcium+ the Lowest.

Since it is already bound with calcium, the EDTA in calcium disodium EDTA will not chelate calcium, but once in the blood stream,

Calcium Disodium EDTA will quickly shed its calcium bond and chelate toxic heavy metals such as lead or mercury

which it is more Attracted to.

Latest scientific research suggests that ORAL EDTA can help alleviate the same conditions as intravenous dripped solutions of EDTA

which is 100% effective, but at a slower rate.

Oral EDTA capsules is believed to be about 5% - 18% effective at a fraction of the price, takes longer for same result.

Compared to intravenous dripped method which is 100% effective and administering  very high dose of EDTA.

EDTA by Intravenous Chelation Therapy

Over three million people have received EDTA by Intravenous Chelation Therapy from Doctors with not a single fatality, in the U.S.A alone.

Fact is that EDTA is a very safe and effective treatment for atherosclerosis vascular disease as it has consistently improved blood

flow and relieved symptoms associated with this disease in greater than 80% of the patients treated.

3x safer than aspirin as an anti-clotting blood thinner.


Has been used with excellent results in the treatment of

Dissolving arterial plaque buildup while reducing both high blood pressure and cholesterol levels the major cause of most

cardiac arrest or strokes.

Provides relief from heart palpitations and arrhythmia, angina and other cardiac related problems.

EDTA is renowned for its ability to remove heavy metals, toxins and poisons that have been proven by many studies to have

a negative effect on your health.

Relief from sexual dysfunction in men with a positive influence on the prostate.

Improves circulation to the hands and feet (warmer)

Greater energy levels from vastly improved blood circulation throughout the major arteries to the smallest capillaries,

which delivers oxygen rich blood and nutrients to every cell and organ in your body to recuperate, regenerate

and operate normally again.

(Capillaries form an intricate network around body tissues in order to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the cells and remove

waste substances out of the body)

EDTA has been found to dissolve (metastatic calcium) calcium that has been deposited where it is not wanted in the arteries,

joints, kidneys and bladder stones.

Saving gangrene limbs from amputation from lack of circulation.

Improves the immune system, eyes, hearing, memory, digestion, skin.


*Eliminate pain in feet and toes caused by poor circulation.

*Leg cramps when walking.

*Resuscitate mitochondria. "Mitochondria are the energy power plants of every cell in the body"

*Clogged or reduced blood flow in heart arteries.

*Avoid angioplasty.

*Helps thin blood and prevents formation of blood clots.

*Clogged or reduced blood flow in the neck arteries.

*Helps reduce the chance of stroke.

*Reverse atherosclerosis.

*Prevents cholesterol deposits.

*Lowers present cholesterol levels.

*Heals open wounds faster.

*Reduces intermittent claudication.

*Lowers blood pressure.

*Improves - even cure peripheral vascular disease.

*Improve - even cure peripheral artery disease.

*Improve vision in diabetic retinopathy

*Makes arterial walls more flexible.

*Dissolves intra-arterial blood clots.

*Normalizes cardiac arrhythmias.

*Prevents osteoarthritis.

*Has anti aging effect and improves skin.

*Lowers diabetics insulin needs.

*Improves memory.

*Helps reverse senility.

*Reduce the after effects of heart attacks and stroke.

*Removes calcium from blood vessel plaques.

*Removes digitalis toxicity.

*Dissolves small cataracts.

*Reduces excessive heart contractions.

*Reduces Alzheimer like symptoms.

*Reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

*Increases intracellular potassium.

 *Improves heart function.

*Reduces cancer risk by up to 80%

*Reduces iron serum levels.

*Restore impaired vision.

*Improve and reduce varicose veins.

3 Methods of taking AmerMed Calcium Disodium EDTA capsules

Take 1 capsule 2x a day on a empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food.

5% - 18% absorbed into blood stream.

Least effective method of taking EDTA.

How to make Liquid EDTA

EDTA powder in AmerMed capsule is micronized for quick dissolving into solution.

If you want to take EDTA in liquid form for faster more effective result you carefully pull the capsule apart and mix the contents with

a glass of water and take 1 hour before food.

How will this liquid EDTA compare to the capsule?

It takes about 16 drops (a little over 1cc or 1ml) to equal the volume of 1 capsule.

Basically if you mix the contents of 1 capsule and its 800mg of EDTA with 1cc of water you would have 800mg of LIQUID EDTA.

Up to 90% is absorbed straight into the blood stream.

Liquid EDTA requires no digestion as it bypasses the digestive process and enters uneffected through stomach wall

straight into the bloodstream, EDTA as with all free form Amino Acids are small enough to enter that bloodstream immediately.

Liquid EDTA has a lot higher absorption rate than any pills or capsule, up to 10x better.

Under the Tongue (Sub Lingual administration)

Carefully pull apart the capsule and dump the contents of the capsule under the Tongue.

I use this Method, I hold it there and let the saliva dissolve the EDTA.

I find it warms up slightly as it dissolves and tastes slightly salty, fastest method for absorption into the bloodstream.

Up to 98% Absorbed.

Reason behind taking EDTA under the Tongue

Proven fact that many drugs are much more potent taken sublingually as the drug will diffuse directly into the bloodstream

by being absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, bypassing the GI tract.

This is definitely a preferred medically proven to be faster and more efficient method, than simple oral administration.

Prime example of a common sub lingual administered medication is the nitroglycerin tablet.

Well documented for maximum absorption of EDTA it should be taken on an empty stomach at least 1/2 hour before food.

Taking it this way maximizes the EDTA chelateing out those harmful heavy metals in your bloodstream.

If taken with food, EDTA will immediately chelate the minerals and metals that was in the food thats been

absorbed into the bloodstream before it gets into the cells.

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It's Amazing.. The Vast Majority of People Who Actually take EDTA Swear by It.

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AmerMed EDTA Capsules
contain no binders or fillers,
contain at least 200mg more EDTA per capsule
than other brands.
AmerMed capsules contain 800mg pure
Calcium-Disodium EDTA per capsule.
120 capsules per bottle.

This brand can be taken 3 different ways, methods in detail on page.

1. Orally in capsule form.

2. Powder dissolved in water. Liquid EDTA.

3. Powder dissolved under Tongue.

Oral EDTA Chelation Capsules
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